November 13, 2012

Dynamic Inclinometer - SQ-GIX

Rugged, Fully Calibrated Dynamic Inclinometer Produces Fast and Accurate True Tilt Angle in Presence of High Vibration, Shock and Linear Acceleration.

The SQ-GIX dynamic inclinometer employs aerospace grade sensor fusion algorithms with calibrated, compensated MEMS sensors and distils these to one simple output, making fast and accurate true tilt angle measurement easily accessible to industrial machinery and equipment customers.


SignalQuest Presents Rugged, Fully Calibrated Tilt Sensor Capable of Accurate Angle Measurement in the Presence of High Vibration, Shock and Linear Acceleration.

Lebanon, NH (November 13, 2012) – SignalQuest, Inc. today introduced the SQ-GIX Dynamic Inclinometer, a fully calibrated device incorporating aerospace grade sensors, and algorithms, purpose built to be simple, affordable and reliable for harsh industrial applications.

With calibration through a full industrial temperature range, the SQ-GIX Dynamic Inclinometer effectively removes the need for a costly IMU or AHRS for angle measurement in environments experiencing vibration, shock, or linear acceleration. Traditional tilt sensors are unstable and inaccurate for angle measurement during motion. The SQ-GIX Dynamic Inclinometer is effectively a drop-in replacement for conventional inclinometers, without the tradeoff between stability and response time found in existing sensors.

SQ-GIX sensors stem from SignalQuest’s SQ-RPS family of rugged packaged inertial sensors that brings US manufacturing standards at globally competitive prices to calibrated inertial sensor markets. The SQ-GIX is specifically designed, tested, and qualified to meet the unique environmental operating requirements of commercial, construction, agricultural and mining vehicles.