December 4, 2013

50 nA Tilt and Vibration Sensor Application Note

Lebanon, NH (December 04, 2013) – SignalQuest, Inc. today announced the release of two new application circuits for the SQ-SEN-200 and SQ-MIN-200 sensors that consume only 50 nA at rest, and will reliably detect motion using the SQ-SEN or MIN-200; An added benefit to this new circuit is the AC coupling of the sensor, which produces a high output regardless of whether the sensor settles open or closed.

One application circuit offers low voltage operations down to a 1.2V supply; and the other provides a full voltage swing on V_Out (0V to Vcc) using a MOSFET transistor.  These new circuits can be used in the following applications and more:  RFID and GPS wake up, vehicle movement detection, motor activity monitoring, or person/animal monitoring.

For information on how to obtain the new application notes please contact or 603-448-6266 or refer to the link below:,%20SQ-MIN-200).pdf

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