May 21, 2014

Lockheed Awards SignalQuest Supplier of the Year

SignalQuest Selected By Lockheed Martin as a Small Business Supplier of the Year

Prominent award honors top suppliers that steadily offer unparalleled technology and commitment of support through the year. Handful of awardees drawn from thousands of Lockheed suppliers for outstanding service.


LEBANON, NH, June 13, 2014 - SignalQuest announced the company’s selection by Lockheed Martin Mission Systems & Training as a small business supplier of the year. Lockheed Martin recognizes exceptional suppliers for superior service and product performance on an annual basis. SignalQuest’s award resulted from the successful development and delivery of its SQ-RPS rugged inertial measurement unit (IMU) with advanced roll-over detection algorithms used in the Rollover Detection Warning System (RDWS) for personnel in US Marine Corps MRAP vehicles.

SignalQuest and Lockheed outperformed the competitors in testing that spanned a year and a half of intensive field trials, including weeks in the desert at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) as well as the Aberdeen Proving Ground. The speed of delivery by SignalQuest and Lockheed helped to increase safety for the Marines operating in the theaters. The system is currently being deployed to every MRAP in service in Afghanistan and Iraq, totaling approximately 9800 systems.

“Our technical leadership and manufacturing efficiency enabled us to offer a superior solution from both a technical and cost perspective” commented Mr. Kelley, accepting the award on behalf of SignalQuest.   “We were able to deliver superior value to government and the warfighter in this program. Lockheed is an outstanding partner. We were very pleased to be a part of the program's success."

SignalQuest is a technical leader in the design and manufacturing of sensors that measure tilt, acceleration, shock, and vibration as well as IMU, AHRS, vertical gyros, and dynamic inclinometers. All SignalQuest products are designed, manufactured and tested in New Hampshire, USA.

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