Tilt Sensor, Zero Power — SQ-SEN-6xx

The SQ-SEN-6xx series acts like a position sensitive switch that is normally open when vertical and normally closed below the switch angle. It is designed to be non-sensitive to vibration in the vertical position. When at rest in a vertical position, the sensor will settle in an open state. When tipped down from vertical to the "switch angle" it will produce continuous on/off contact closures while in motion. When at rest below the switch angle it will settle normally closed.


  • Chatters open / closed when tilted or vibrated in any direction regardless of orientation
  • Tilt down detection
  • On / off tilt sensing
  • Normally open when vertical
  • Normally closed when below or between the switch angles
  • Non-sensitive to vibration or lateral movement when open
  • Off vertical activation

Key Specs

  • 5000g Shock survival
  • Supply voltage range 0.5V - 12V
  • Current sink 50 nA - 10 mA
  • -40° to 85° C temperature range


  • Miniature size - 3.3 mm x 6.9 mm
  • Industrial rated - 10 year life, -40 to 85 ºC
  • Simple interface - No signal conditioning required
  • Surface mount - RoHS & REACH complaint, lead free, Halogen free
  • Made in USA - fully automated production, 100% testing, worldwide quality and price leader
  • Zero-power normally - < 50 nA when activated
  • Activation angle - Bi-directional 45° and -45°
  • Available in 60° or 75°


  • Motion triggered wake-up
  • GPS tracking, RFID, vehicle electronics
  • Security, anti-tamper, anti-theft, alarms