Tilt & Vibration Sensor, Ultra Low Power, Omnidirectional — SQ-MIN-200

The SQ-MIN-200 sensor acts like a normally closed switch which chatters open and closed as it is tilted or vibrated. Unlike other rolling-ball sensors, the MIN-200 is truly an omnidirectional movement sensor. It will function regardless of how it is mounted or aligned.


  • Normally closed at rest
  • Normally closed when below the switch angle
  • Omnidirectional movement sensing
  • Chatters open / closed when tilted or vibrated in any direction regardless of orientation


  • Simple interface - No signal conditioning required
  • Nano-power - As little as 50 nA
  • Surface mount - RoHS & REACH complaint, lead free, Halogen free
  • Made in USA - fully automated production, 100% testing, worldwide quality and price leader
  • Ultra Miniature size - 1.9 mm x 3.6 mm


  • Motion triggered wake-up
  • GPS tracking, RFID, vehicle electronics
  • Security, anti-tamper, anti-theft, alarms
  • Screen orientation