Vibration Sensor — SQ-SVS

The vibration sensor module performs calibrated averaging (root mean squared) vibration measurement with analog voltage and digital serial outputs. Because acceleration signals are extremely fast by nature, they require high speed sampling and computationally intensive processing to measure. The onboard RMS computation provides a slow moving output that can be easily measured by a low speed system to monitor the average vibration level, greatly simplifying vibration monitoring and measurement.


  • Serial output (UART)

Key Specs

  • 0.005 - 1.7 g dual axis vibration measurement
  • 1.7 g dual axis vibration range


  • 15 % accuracy
  • 0.005 g resolution
  • 1 Hz - 500 Hz bandwidth, 1 second averaging period
  • Programmable alarm outputs
  • Factory calibrated average vibration output
  • High reliability solid-state MEMS
  • Low temperature drift
  • Digital filtering for stable measurement
  • Direct PC interface cable


  • Motor vibration measurement and monitoring
  • Vibration alarm triggering
  • Fan motors, vehicle motors, machine motors