Tilt Switch, MEMS — SQ-PTS

The tilt sensor module provides a digital level output if pre-programmed angle thresholds are exceeded. The two standard digital outputs can be configured at the factory as two different angle thresholds. In addition 4 additional input/output lines can be factory configured for a variety of functions on a semi-custom basis, greatly simplifying designs that require accurate, reliable angle detection.


  • ± 70º dual axis angle measurement
  • 360º single axis angle measurement
  • UART serial output and analog output


  • Low temperature drift
  • High reliability solid-state MEMS
  • Digital filtering for stable measurement
  • ± 1º accuracy
  • 360° single / ± 70° dual axis range
  • 0.1º resolution
  • Configurable trigger angles
  • Configurable hysteresis (Schmitt trigger) for debounce
  • Configurable reset and trigger delay
  • Configurable filtering and bandwidth
  • Programmable TTL switch outputs


  • Reliable on/off tilt switching
  • Machine control