Inclinometer, Wide Range — SQ-SI2X-360DA

The inclinometer module performs calibrated angle measurement with analog voltage and digital serial outputs.


  • Wide range 360º x 180º dual axis angle measurement
  • UART serial output and analog output


  • ± 1º accuracy - differential
  • 0.1º resolution - digital serial output
  • 2º resolution - analog output
  • Low temperature drift
  • Factory calibrated angle output
  • High reliability solid-state MEMS
  • Digital filtering for stable measurement
  • Direct PC interface cable
  • 0.1º resolution
  • 360° x 180° dual axis range


  • Platform and vehicle leveling
  • Satellite dish and antenna alignment
  • Pitch and roll measurement
  • Machine control and monitoring
  • Angle measurement and recording
  • Computer input, head tracking, and mouse pointing