Accelerometer — SQ-XLD

The acceleration sensor module performs calibrated acceleration measurement with digital serial output. Using a USB or RS232 interface cable (sold separately), it functions as a self contained data acquisition system for 2 axis or 3 axis acceleration, tilt, and vibration measurement. The PC data acquisition interface software called SignalVIEW is written in the popular LabVIEW visual programming language. This offers an easy, menu-driven data acquisition PC interface. The user can configure various parameters of the sensor such as sample rate, and digital filter parameters. More advanced functions such as post processing, analysis, and algorithm prototyping can be added directly into the console source code. By coupling real-time data acquisition with real- time graphical display and signal processing, the SQ-XLD series accelerometer makes an ideal platform for real time monitoring or prototyping accelerometer systems.


  • Miniature, low-cost, serial accelerometer
  • Real-time data acquisition performance using a low cost serial cable
  • Simple menu-driven PC configuration of sampling parameters
  • Adjustable sample rate and filtering in software
  • UART serial output and analog output


  • Digital filtering for stable measurement
  • Direct PC interface cable
  • ± 1.7 g to ±70 g models available
  • 2.5% accuracy, factory calibrated
  • 2 or 3 axis models
  • 10 Hz to 1 kHz output rate
  • 10 to 13 bit resolution
  • DC to 500 Hz bandwidth


  • Low cost data acquisition
  • Real time system monitoring
  • Motion, tilt, shock and vibration analysis
  • Industrial process control