GravityGyro™ Inclinometer — SQ-GIX

The SQ-GIX GravityGyro™ is simply a "much better" tilt sensor that provides true clean angle even in the presence of high shock, acceleration and vibration.

The system employs high stability, temperature compensated ceramic packaged MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes for excellent long term performance and reliability. The complexity of multi-axis inertial calibrations, quaternion angles, Kalman filters, and dynamic adaptive sensor fusion are handled by the sensor itself.  

The SQ-GIX is the ultimate drop-in upgrade for legacy, static inclinometers.


  • Dynamic tilt measurement

Key Specs

  • High accuracy while moving
  • High accuracy over temperature
  • Dual, pitch and roll axes
  • 0.1º static tilt accuracy
  • 0.5° RMS dynamic tilt accuracy
  • -40° to 85° C temperature range


  • Case aligned and orthogonalized
  • 360° x 180° range
  • Shock survival 1000 g 1/2 sin 0.1 ms, 3x any axis


  • Platform and vehicle leveling
  • Measuring angle on moving vehicles in harsh environments
  • Excavators
  • Mining vehicles
  • Skid-steers
  • Mobile cranes