Vibration and Tilt Sensor Evaluation Board and Sample Pack — SQ-SEN-200-DMK

The SQ-EVA series boards demonstrate the motion, vibration, tilt and shock sensing capabilities of the SQ-SEN sensor family. The SQ-SEN-200-DMK consists of 5x SQ-SEN-200-ICT sensors and 1 SQ-EVA-022 Demo Board.


  • Omnidirectional movement sensing
  • Chatters open / closed when tilted or vibrated in any direction regardless of orientation
  • Normally closed at rest


  • Ultra-low power reference design uses less than 3 uA (configurable down to 50 nA)
  • Coin battery operated
  • High sensitivity
  • Super bright LED output
  • Compact 1.0" x 1.0" circuit board


  • General motion, vibration, tilt and shock detection
  • Ultra-low power motion-based device wake-up
  • Ultra-low power orientation-sensitive switching
  • RFID tag activation
  • Tamper detection
  • Process monitoring and control