April 16, 2012

Bidirectional Tilt Sensor - SQ-SEN-815B

The SQ-SEN-815B bidirectional tilt sensor acts like a position sensitive switch that is normally open at horizontal and normally closed when tipped 15 degrees up or down. Intrinsic zero power operation offers incredible power reduction when compared to active sensors. The sensor is supplied in a package that fits on a standard 2-pad SMT landing making it well suited for high volume manufacturing.


SignalQuest Presents Zero Power 15 Degree Bidirectional Tilt Sensor in a 3.3 mm x 6.9 mm SMT Package.

Lebanon, NH (April 16, 2012) – SignalQuest, Inc. today introduced the SQ-SEN-815B Bidirectional Tilt Sensor, the first bidirectional product in the SQ-SEN-8xx series of sensors.

With industrial temperature rating and SMT form factor, the SQ-SEN-8xx series offers intrinsic zero power tilt detection to a host of designs in consumer, industrial, medical, security, and other markets.

Measuring just 3.3 mm in diameter by 6.9 mm in length, the SQ-SEN-8xx package fits on a standard two pad SMT landing. Following the success of earlier SQ-SEN-8xx series tilt sensors, the SQ-SEN- 815B features bidirectional zero power performance.

SQ-SEN-8xx sensors stem from SignalQuest’s SQ-SEN tilt and vibration sensor series, the first sensors to bring US manufacturing standards at globally competitive prices to high volume mechanical sensor markets. The SQ-SEN-200 omnidirectional movement sensor has emerged as the globally recognized choice for RFID, GPS, and microprocessor "wake up" applications.

For futher information, pelase visit: https://signalquest.com/product/components/sq-sen-815b/